Ministry to families and friends of prisoners

Visitors to Menard Correctional Center (618-826-5071) should always check with the Gatehouse to find out if the prison is on lock-down before visiting.  Be sure to ask specifically if the cell house of your loved is on lock-down or can receive visits. 

Check out Hospitality House's Facebook page for additional information posted almost daily. 13:2-3), Inc. 

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Reservation are required in advance of stay.  
Hospitality House is currently open every day of the week and
asks $20 per
night per adult and $5 per night per children under 18.
Twin and full size sheets and towels can be provided  
for an extra $5 (laundry fee).   Ask what kind of bed you will be in (double or twin) so you can bring your own bed sheets.  Don't forget to bring your towel too. 

Hospitality House          Phone:

120 Ferry Street         618-826-9810

Chester, IL  62233


For more information about Hospitality House:
House Director at


Donations can be mailed to the Hospitality House  c/o Mary Ann Horstmann, Treasurer, 

115 S. 7th Street, Elkville, IL  62932-2515.  



  Brief History

          The Hospitality House (Hebrews 13:2-3), Inc. is located in Chester, Illinois, and began providing overnight lodging to prisoner families and friends in July, 1986.  The Hospitality House is a two-story house with four bedrooms, three baths, kitchen, lounge, and two rooms which serve as living quarters for a House Director.  Over 30,000 guests have stayed at the Hospitality House since 1986.  Hospitality House's purpose is to provide overnight lodging at a low cost to the guest.  Kitchen is available to use if so desired.  Hospitality House also has a stocked pantry for guest use. There are two institutions in Chester which the Hospitality House serves; they are Menard Correctional Institutions (Maximum and medium security) and  Chester Mental Health, plus Pinckneyville Correctional Center which is approximately 30 miles to the northeast.  The Hospitality House is managed by a five member board and a resident house manager who lives on site.  The Hospitality House is run solely on donations  from guests, individuals, organizations, churches, and grants.  Many people volunteer time and supplies to keep the Hospitality House open. 


 Hospitality House

 Celebrates 33 Years!

    The Hospitality House (Hebrews 13:2-3) Inc. celebrates thirty-three years of  ministry  to prisoner friends and families this July, 2018.   Hospitality House has provided lodging to more than 30,400 guests since it opened in July, 1986.  We thank a long list of local individuals, churches, businesses, Menard prison, and various organizations for a myriad of donations and efforts in maintaining a hospitality ministry where it is vitally needed. 

Please consider us when you plan your charitable giving so that we can continue to provide low-cost lodging for families of inmates who travel very long distances at great expense in order to maintain their family ties.  Thank you and God bless.


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